The Current Story of Graphics

by mmatthewuir

An issue plaguing a lot of DayZ players is one inherent to DayZ’s current alpha testing phase. According to report ( there is a lot of currently un-streamlined graphic relating code resulting in graphic bugs at best and poor performance at worst.

The first issue described above and named possibly as the best of two possible issues is the numerous colourful fractures that can appear when looking in certain directions and at certain things in game. E.g.

Fracture example

Example submitted to reddit by user eviledenx. Original to be found here:

The reason I have chosen to name this as the best of two possible graphics related issues is that there is at least one quick fix. To temporarily solve the albeit pretty graphics bug attempt the following:

  • While in game hold shift.
  • Press the asterisk on your numpad.
  • and type the word “flush”.

When I was recommended this fix I thought I was about to be lemonpartied but I assure you, for me at least, it worked and for you it should as well.

As for the second and more troublesome problem of the game not running as smoothly as you would like (receiving low frames per second), there are a few system tweaks and config adjustments that if made correctly could improve things.  A recent thorough article posted on this topic can be found on the website at the following url I personally steered away from altering the games config file for fear of making things worse but have implemented some of the authors other suggestions and anticipate some positive results.  The difficult news is that on the whole you will probably have to wait it out with the likes of me until the game designers iron out things on their side. So lets all take a deep breath and remember that we are all of course still in alpha testing.